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The mantra of many years of colds and flu lead us to ‘eat some chicken soup‘.  I’m a big believer in that.  Despite having strong vegetarian tendencies, I keep a few cans of chicken soup in my pantry at all times.  I particularly love chicken soup served with Bisquick biscuit sticks.  Those are basically Bisquick biscuits baked in a pool of melted butter, sprinkled with celery seed (my addition).

But OK, back to chicken soup.  So researchers have studied (and originally here) the curative powers of chicken soup.  They’ve discovered that it is a liquid and liquids, of course, help when we are sick because they help clear the bad nasty uglies from our bodies.  They’ve discovered it has salt– which is something we crave and again, salt begets more liquids…again good for us.  And there is the requisite chicken (protein) and noodles (carbs) and a few misc carrots and celery– all that seem meal-ish…especially if we really can’t muster up anything more fancy than opening a can, mixing with water and 3 minutes of microwave time.  There is some deeper neutrophil research too but that’s too obtuse for my taste in this argument.

But alas– I think we’ve missed the boat on chicken soup and I wonder if the researchers have checked THIS idea out (and if they haven’t, dibs!).

Given: no decent self-respecting soup can start without some boiling down of bones. Yup, I admit it. In all my vegetarian, animal-friendly, hug my pet-ness, bones make the soup.

Given: Bones are the place of the creation of part of the immune system (white blood cells, red blood cells).

Given: It is known that colds and flu come from AVIAN (bird) viruses because between birds and humans, there are similar antigens– keys, if you will, to unlock our cells to the avian viruses. (Love this video here from NOVA Science Now)

Therefore: good chicken soup comes from the boiling of chicken bones wherein lies the chicken immune system ‘starters’ (stem cells?).  We eat said cells– or cell parts– or even fragments– and we actually FEEL better from the very bird colds and flu that we suffer.

I see this connection!  Do you?


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